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MINGYUE has over 100 employees. Majority of them have more than 5 years of experience in this field and 40% of them own a college degree or higher.  MINGYUE focuses on personnel training and development and provides a broad development platform for the staffs. This team is worthy of your trust.

MINGYUE encourages the staffs to help and teach each other. Mingyue rewards our employees for the improvement of production process and product innovation. Mingyue arranges the training classes, travels and exhibition fairs for the staff accordingly.

Our sales team has 13 people: Five are in Domestic market, four in Foreign trade, and four from overseas office. We work hard to recommend our latest styles, material structures to our clients. We focus on each single step of order processing in order to maintain the product quality and on time delivery.

As a team, we feel safe because we work and help each other.

As a team, we are inspired because we work and help each other.

As a team, We are energetic because we work and help each other.