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Flexible packaging test methods
- Apr 09, 2018 -

GB 1037—88 Test Method for Water Vapor Permeability of Plastic Films and Sheets———Cup Test Method

GB 1038-70 plastic film permeability test method

GB 2918-92 standard conditions for state adjustment and testing of plastic samples

GB 6672-86 Determination of Plastic Film and Sheet Thickness—Mechanical Measurement Method

GB 6673-86 Determination of the length and width of plastic films and sheets

GB/T 6982-1986 Flexible packaging container moisture permeability test method

GB 7707-87 Gravure Prints

GB 8808-88 soft composite plastic material peel test method

GB 8809—88 plastic film pendulum impact test method

GB 13022-91 tensile properties of plastic film test methods

Method for determining diaminotoluene in GB 14937-94 compound food packaging bag

GB/T5009.60-1996 Analysis method for hygienic standard of polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene molded products for food packaging

QB/T1130-9l plastic right angle tear test method

QB/T2358—1998 Test Method for Heat-Shrinkage Strength of Plastic Film Bags

Flexible packaging testing a full set of test equipment, tensile testing machine, universal material testing machine, air tightness tester, constant temperature and humidity testing machine.