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The service life of the film
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Patchwork is too narrow film is composed of a number of narrow films spliced, in the splicing to increase the bonding area and improve the bonding strength. If the seam is too narrow, cracks will be caused when the bonding area is pulled hard.

After pressing the film to cover the film on the large building cover, it shall be immediately pressed with a lamination line. Generally, every 1-2 scaffolds pull a laminating line, and the elasticity of the line should be moderate. At the same time, a simple windbreak is set up on the windward side.

Damage to the film The repair film is easily damaged during use and storage, and temporary repair can be used during breakage. There are two methods: First, the method of water supplements, scrub the damaged area, cut a thin film with no hole that is slightly larger than the broken place, and put the water on the hole, drain the air between the two films, press the level Yes, the second method is paper-making method, and the agricultural film is slightly damaged. After the paper is dampened with water, the dampness is attached to the damaged part. Generally, it can be used for about 10 days.

Demolition of the damaged film after the use of permanent repair method. The thicker film is damaged and can be covered with a film with the same texture and connected with a thin line. You can also wash the damaged area, cover the hole with a slightly larger film, and then cover the 2-3 layers of newspapers, use an iron to gently press along the interface, the two films are heated paste, after cooling it will stick to Together, this method is called hot patching. In addition, there is a plastic repair method. Clean the hole around the hole and apply it with a special glue. After 3-5 minutes, take a piece of film with the same texture and stick it on it. After the glue is dry, it will stick. The heat-replenishing method and the gel-replenishing method have good effects on the film, and the stitching method not only leaks air, but also easily pulls open, and it is better not to use thicker film for texture.