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Thin film classification
- Apr 09, 2018 -

There is no uniform rule for the classification of film. Generally, people use the following three classification methods:

(1) According to the raw materials used for film forming, there are polyethylene film, polypropylene film, polyvinyl chloride film and polyester film.

(2) According to the use of thin film classification: There are agricultural film (here according to the specific use of agricultural film, can be divided into film and greenhouse film); packaging film (package film according to its specific purposes, can be divided into food packaging film and various industrial products Packaging films, etc.), and breathable films for special applications, water soluble films, and films with piezoelectric properties.

(3) According to the forming method of the film: there are extrusion-plasticized and blow-molded films, which are called blown films; films that have been extruded and plasticized and then the melt is cast from the die mouth are called cast films. A film made by rolling a plasticizing raw material on a calender by a number of rollers, called a calendered film.

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