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Flexible Packaging Equipment Manufacturing
- Apr 09, 2018 -

China's gravure composite flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry has only a history of more than ten years. Based on the introduction of equipment, it has adopted digestion, absorption, imitation, and independent development. China has been able to produce gravure printing machines with a printing speed of 300m/min and a web width of more than 1000mm, dry laminating machines, extrusion laminators, slitters and various automatic machines with bag making speeds of over 100/min. Making Machine. The domestically-manufactured equipment has matured in technology and has supplied a large amount of equipment for the domestic flexible packaging industry. A group of enterprises such as Shaanxi Beiren, Zhongshan Sunde, Handan Light Machine, and Shantou Huaying almost completely occupied the domestic medium and high-grade gravure printing flexible packaging equipment market.

With the development of domestic soft packaging industry tends to flatten, the domestic soft packaging machinery market has also become flat. The flexible packaging industry in many parts of the world is constantly evolving. Therefore, many flexible packaging equipment manufacturers have set their sights on overseas markets.

With excellent price/performance ratio, Chinese equipment has strong market competitiveness in the international market, especially in Southeast Asia, West Asia, and Northeast Asia. In addition, plate-making companies, film manufacturers, inks and adhesives manufacturers have also launched overseas markets.