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Why Do Coffee Bags Use One-way Exhaust Valves And Aluminum Foil?
- Jan 18, 2019 -

When you buy coffee beans or coffee powder, do you find that a white valve is often seen in the coffee bag, and there is usually a silver film in the bag of coffee beans and coffee powder. So have you ever wondered what these two things really do?

White valve: This valve is actually a one-way exhaust valve. Because roasted coffee beans emit carbon dioxide naturally, if the gas is stored in the coffee bag for a long time, it will affect the quality of coffee beans if there is no way to emit it. When the coffee bag is filled with this one-way exhaust valve, the carbon dioxide generated can be discharged out of the bag, thus ensuring that the quality of coffee beans is not destroyed.

2. Silver film: This film is similar to tin foil material, we professionally call it: aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can play a very good role: moisture-proof, light-proof, barrier, avoid coffee beans and coffee powder contact with light and air, resulting in rapid fragrance emission and oxidation.

3. Aluminum foil coffee bag with one-way exhaust valve: It can better avoid light and air entering, so that coffee beans can keep the fresh original taste of coffee beans in the best preservation condition. In addition, when choosing coffee, you can also smell the coffee fragrance in the packaging bag.

Therefore, the packaging of coffee must use aluminum foil material and Yaoming plastic one-way exhaust valve.

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